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Connecting Your Community to Care

What We Do

The S.C.A.R.F. Task Force works to help communities struggling with health care during COVID-19.
We provide access to information and resources, and help empower patients and families to take control of their health.

How We Take Action

SCARF works to eradicate the threat of sudden cardiac arrest. With communities all over the world now facing a formidable pandemic, we've assembled a new task force to help our communities stay healthy, and ensure families have access to care and education. 

Our Vision

Educate & Empower

The Task Force works to help families and communities managing heart concerns navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.


We connect at-risk patients to resources and education, and give them the tools they need to manage their health, and stay safe during these challenging times.

Student Resources

Enriching Our Community

In addition to helping families manage their physical health, we also work to support families mental health, too. Our collection of student resources can help young people learn about health, while also giving them a creative outlet to manage anxiety.

Need a hand navigating healthcare?
Our hepline is here for you.

Support Us

Be Part of Our Work

Get involved with the mission and work of S.C.A.R.F.

Play a role in improving community health, and help us connect patients and families to impactful resources and educational programming.

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